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How to get your property market ready

Many sellers put off tackling jobs around their home as they believe that buyers like to change things when they move in.

However, this is a false economy that may both delay your sale and affect the price that you get for your property.

There are people who are looking for a fixer-upper but they expect their willingness to spend time doing up the property to be reflected in the price of that property.

A run down property can also give the impression to potential buyers that you do not take care of it and will leave them wondering what larger problems are lurking unseen.

So if you would like to get the best possible price for your property in Slough area it can pay to tend to any odd jobs before you put it on the market.

Kerb appeal

The exterior of your house is the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions matter. Make sure your front door is free of any dents and that the door handles are in good condition. Make sure your front garden is tidy and that the latches and hinges on any gates are well oiled and in full working order. Ensure that your roof doesn’t have any broken or missing tiles.


Repair any nail holes in your walls and if they are looking tired consider treating them to a fresh coat of paint.

Make sure your flooring is in good condition, replace chipped or cracked floor tiles and any damaged carpet. If you have pets, having your carpets steam-cleaned can be a great way of freshening them up.

The right lighting can make even the smallest home appealing so take time to make sure all of your lightbulbs are working and fix any broken light fittings.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms for potential buyers to upgrade so it is no coincidence that updating them can have the greatest effect on your property’s value. However, you don’t need to install a completely new kitchen to make a difference. Fixing leaky taps and running toilets and ensuring built in appliances are working properly can sometimes be all that is needed to spruce up your bathrooms and kitchen.

Garden/Outdoor area

Clear away any broken items like cracked plant pots and fix things like broken panes of glass in your shed.

Living in our homes day in, day out we can often become blind to small things that need fixing but, potential buyers who are looking at your home with fresh eyes will notice them.

Asking a good friend or family member to take some time to walk around your property and point out things you may have missed can be invaluable.

Alternatively we we are always happy to come and give you some advice on how you can ensure that your property is market ready, just give us a call on 01753 358122. If you don’t have time or feel up to fixing issues yourself we have a list of trusted local handymen we can recommend.

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