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The Impact of Location on Property Values: What Every Buyer Should Know

When it comes to buying property, the old adage "location, location, location" is still true. The most significant variable that affects a property's value is its location. Understanding the impact of location on property values is critical to making informed decisions, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor.


Properties near schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and good transport links typically attract higher prices. Buyers, particularly families, are willing to pay a premium for easy access to these services.


Properties in safe neighbourhoods with low crime rates are inherently more appealing and are more likely to hold their value over time. When selecting their dream home, buyers prioritise peace of mind and a safe area.

Good schools

Properties in the catchment areas of good schools are in high demand, resulting in higher property values. Even buyers who do not have children may see the value in having a house in a desirable school catchment area.

Parks and Green Spaces

Property values can be considerably influenced by proximity to parks, recreational facilities, and green areas. Access to nature and recreational activities improves people's quality of life, making such areas attractive to buyers.

Employment Possibilities

Properties located near towns and cities often experience higher demand due to the convenience of short commutes. Access to job opportunities is critical when assessing property values since they affect potential buyers' lifestyles and financial well-being.

Transport Infrastructure

Good transport links, such as easy access to motorways, close proximity to public transport, and airports, add to a location's appeal. Easy access to transport links not only saves residents time but also boosts the desirability of a property, resulting in an increase in its value.

Future Development

Future development plans in the area can drastically affect property values. Property prices may increase or decrease over time as a result of upcoming infrastructure projects, commercial developments, or changes to public facilities.

Surroundings and Views

Properties with gorgeous views, whether of the beach, countryside, or city skyline, frequently command greater prices and demand. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for properties in attractive areas with beautiful views.

Supply and Demand

Areas with a scarcity of available properties and high demand are likely to see faster price growth over time.

Local Economy and Demographics

Property values rise when the local economy thrives and the population grows. A stable local job market and an influx of new people can both contribute to an increase in demand and, as a result, an increase in property prices.

The importance of location on property values cannot be overstated. Properly researching a property's location is critical to making an informed investment decision. Consider not only the area's existing features but also its potential for future growth and development. An experienced estate agent like Lionhead can give vital insights into the local market. Remember that choosing the right location is the cornerstone of a successful property purchase.

If you are considering buying a property in Slough and would like to know more about where the best location would be for you and your family, call us on 01753 358122 or send an email to and we will be happy to share our extensive knowledge of the local area with you.

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